She was born in Venezuela and Panamanian by heart, style and media lover with a background on Media Production. She started as a TV producer assistant in Panama back in 2012, having the opportunity to work with one of the best style icons in the country Debbie Kuzniecky on her TV show Panama Street Style. It was at that moment she discovered how good it feels helping others to define themselves inside and out.

She didn’t stop there. She pursued an MBA in International Business and specialized in Branding for Fashion. She has always been a fan of free minded people, individual opinions and things or personalities that can be described or be defined by themselves so she was looking to do something big and different and the opportunity to work in China came up.

Now she is working with local companies in Marketing and Branding for mass production and health-care products related to Fashion. She thinks one of the most challenging things she has done was living in China. She exclaims, “It’s daring emotional, physically and emotionally.” The market is really different from all the things we are used to in the Western world. It has also helped her to open her eyes not only to beauty or fashion but to other realities. Understanding others many times helps us to understand ourselves and answer many questions about our personality and preferences that are the two initial points to define yourself and discover your true self. For her, style is everywhere. From our coffee to when we wake up to the sheets we use to bed.

She is currently working on launching her own brand in China, dedicated to do what she loves the most: making things beautiful and helping others to feel and look empowered by beauty in and out. Striving for the things she believes and dream about is the best way for her to evolve and reach a best version of herself every time. “As women”, she says, “we must evolve and that evolution will always require to be better, to learn and to remake ourselves one and over again through the good and the bad. She believes that, that is a key part of being a real person, a stronger woman and a better human being.


She defines success as the feeling of being fulfilled no matter how hard times are or how difficult a circumstance can be. If you know what you want and who you are, you can achieve anything. As you push through those hard times and arrive where you want to be, that’s what she calls success. It doesn’t matter if it’s a small goal such as: a trip, a business, or a relationship. She thinks that you can succeed every time a part of our lives make us feel like we are complete, in peace and happy with ourselves and the reality we live in.


Her passion is being happy by helping others to be happy in reaching their highest potential in and out. She says, “We have the opportunity to move, do and be whatever we want to be.” We live in the greatest time of all human history due to technology. If we don’t strive for being happy and doing what makes you happy in this lifetime, then she feels you are wasting your life. Get out there and start pursuing your dreams and make the most of your life.


Her strengths are her family and her friends who has always been there for her and supported her through the years. They are her energy booster. She would say another one of her strengths is being bold and true to herself. She doesn’t really like to surround herself around a lot of negative and destructive people. Her biggest weakness is COFFEE!! Aaaah! Another weakness would be that she’s a perfectionist and she’s never fully satisfied so it always gives her the feeling like things are not finished. It’s all a process and she’s making progress on having a different mindset when it comes to her weaknesses.

When Girls Slay Statement: Our strengths and weaknesses balance out who we are. When we become aware of our strengths and weaknesses only then can we address and embrace them. We share strengths and weakness of individuals to give others an opportunity to relate. It’s a part of building our community of empowering women.


People. Technology is advancing and giving us more and more tools to use to gain knowledge, but we rarely know what to apply, how to apply, and care for what we receive. She strives to make people happy by helping them discover who they are, inwardly and outwardly. By improving the people around you, she believes it could shift the local and global environment by: what they share on social media, how they think their goals are being driven by their attitude. ”

If we make our environment better, we make our world better”, she quotes.

She uses fashion, beauty design, lifestyle, TEDx events, face to face moments to reach out to those individuals.


She wants you to know that you are perfect, fantastic, your smile is heaven and your soul is glorious. She wants you to know that you do whatever you set your mind to and more. Your circumstances don’t define you, but what does define you is your character and the attitude you carry around with you. Also, she wants you to know that you are free to choose who you want to be and how you want to express yourself. You have a special and strong inner power that should be appreciated and respected, first by yourself and then others. Lastly, she wants you to know that you were born for greatness.

The formula of happiness and success is just, being actually yourself, in the msot vivid possible way you can. – Meryl Streep